*T95/T16 Backpack with Delivery Bag for Hot or Cold Food Deliveries Insulated Rucksack & Thermal Bag

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Delivery Backpack and removeable Insulated Bag Designed by Take Eat Away™ for Food and Drink Last Mile Deliveries


Insulated Backpack Design Features:

  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap for comfort for the user
  • Adjustable padded waist band for comfort and stability when carrying
  • Two handles with Velcro grab handle on either side of the bag
  • Access to contents by double chunky zips on front panel
  • Foam and foil lined to maintain temperature & easy wipe clean
  • Stitched reflective panel on front and the straps for safety when using in the evening
  • Webbing straps which are double stitched for added strength
  • One removeable shelf with rigid sides, to maintain shape & rigidity of bag


Design Features of the bag:

  • Strong and durable bag - designed for everyday use
  • Chunky 10mm double zip closure, on 3 sides of the bag for easy access to contents (inferior bags have 6mm or 8mm zips, which are tricky to open/close)
  • Concealed zips- enclosed zip to prevent catching
  • Foam insulation and foil lining – to retain heat and easy clean
  • Two webbing handles which are secured underneath the bag for durability
  • Plastic sleeve on lid for customer order details, which is visible when carrying
  • Fold-able – for easy storage


The insulated thermal delivery backpack can be used for much more than just delivering pizzas…munch boxes, breakfasts in a box, afternoon teas and cakes

Insulated Backpack Bag Measurements (approx):

External: 37cm (L) x 41cm (W) x 45cm (H)

Internal: 36cm (L) x 40cm (W) x 44cm (H)

or 14" (L) x 16" (W) x 17" (H)

Capacity: 63 litres Weight: 1.65 kg

Holds: 14” Pizza Box  Stock code: T95


Insulated Delivery Bag Measurements (approx):

External: 33cm (L) x 31cm (W) x 28cm (H)

Internal: 32cm (L) x 29cm (W) x 27cm (H)

or 12.5" (L) x 11.5" (W) x 10.5" (H)

Capacity: 25 litres Weight: 515 grams

Holds: 10” Pizza Box  Stock code: T16


 To see a video of the backpack click here


The thermal backpack is light in weight and ideal for those who are delivering on a bike or scooter...use the delivery bag inside the backpack or as a standalone bag

This insulated delivery backpack has a removeable shelve and has been designed to accommodate containers of all shapes, sizes, and designs. As a guideline the bag holds 14” Pizza Box.

Each rucksack bag has padded shoulder straps, an adjustable chest strap and an adjustable waist band for comfort and stability for the user. Also, two handles on either side of the bag on which helps the user when removing the rucksack.

The main access to the bag is via a zipped section, when both chunky zips are opened it allows access to stack items within the bag.

The Delivery Backpack has one removeable shelf system which is attached to the inside of the bag with strong Velcro. The shelf can be removed to allow the backpack bag to folded and stored away when not in use.

Both the bags are foam and foil lined for great insulation and are easily wiped over to keep clean.

The bag is strong and durable bag and can be used on a daily basis, no pockets or clips – keeping it simple. This makes it ideal to slot into the bottom section of the backpack.

The thermal bags can be carried using the double carry handle, the webbing handles are 1.5” and are double stitched underneath the bag, which adds strength, stability and durability. A Velcro and nylon grab handle allows added comfort when carrying

The insulated food bag is accessed via two chunky enclosed zips. The zips are on three sides of the bag therefore the contents can be accessed quickly and easily.  Yet, when the bag is zipped closed the zips are concealed, this is especially useful, if the bag is being used in conjunction with another bag or box.

There is a large plastic sleeve to accommodate till receipts or customer orders and is visible when carrying. Yet, the bag still has a clean and simple design, ideal for using in conjunction with the backpack bag.

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