So, you may ask who are Take Eat Away? Established in 2011 and we are based in sunny Scotland, near to Edinburgh. We have a small highly motivated team of characters who have all worked in retail sales for at least 15 years and some a bit longer. 

We pride ourselves on building partnerships with like minded companies, from start up's to multi national businesses. We still have the enthusiasm that every new sale could be the start of a long and prosperous business relationship. 

Anyway, we have supplied many thousands of food delivery companies with our delivery bags, which include:


Pizza Express

Papa John's


There are many many more companies that we could name and thank each and everyone for their trust and belief in our products. 

So whether you require one or a thousand delivery bags, we normally have good availability of stock for immediate delivery. 

We also support and actively invest in start companies where finance can be hard to raise. You can also show your support and visit their website for more details: