Cambro launch pizza delivery bags in the UK

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Cambro launched its own range of pizza delivery bags in the UK and Europe in early 2019. Cambro is a well known and trusted catering brand, which was founded in the USA in 1951. Cambro recently acquired the original pizza bag company - "Thermal Bags by Ingrid" (founded in 1983). Cambro launched their standard range of pizza delivery bags in the UK along with a range of insulated delivery bags, designed for general food transportation. 

So why you may ask, are we talking about Cambro's pizza bags? Well here at, we are contacted by many manufacturers throughout the World, all looking for us to promote and sell their products in the UK and Europe. In 2018 Cambro approached us and when we had a closer look at the Cambro range, we were impressed by the designs and quality products. We had little hesitation in deciding to bring Cambro onboard. We now stock the full range of standard pizza delivery bags as well as the food delivery GoBags.

Of course there are other brands out there, however the Cambro designs are based on 35 years + of pizza bag experience. 

You can view the full range of Cambro bags at Take Eat Away Ltd are the UK's largest stockist of insulated food delivery bags and insulated boxes. 

The Cambro 216 Pizza Bag is designed to fit 3 x 14" pizza boxes or 2 x 16" pizza boxes. The Cambro 216 Pizza Bag is available in Red or Black.

The Cambro 318 Pizza Bags are designed to fit 4 x 16" pizza boxes or 3 x 18" pizza boxes. Like the smaller version, the Cambro 318 Pizza Bag is available in both Red and Black.

The Cambro 220 Pizza Bag is the largest Cambro Pizza Bag available in the UK. It is designed to fit 20" pizza boxes. Again this is available in Red or Black.



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