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The reusable freezer packs are designed to help maintain the temperature of insulated food delivery bags...when delivering chilled food or drinks from takeaways, restaurants, or cafes to customers' doors… enables temperatures to be maintained for approximately 6-8 hours (using 6-18 cells) as low as -5°C for up to 48 hours (to maintain these temperatures more packs need to be used)…


The frozen ice packs are 100% food safe, comply with the European Food Safety Standards Agency, and have a no-leak guarantee to ensure the items in your insulated cool bag are in pristine order. The packs are reusable, ultra-compact when not in use, and have been used in the chilled packing market for nearly 30 years.



Measurements of the cells: -

7.5 cm (L) x 6.5 cm (W) x 3cm (H)

Weight: 40 grams per cell

Please note: the measurements are when the block has been hydrated and packs can be cut into individual cells, before hydrated & frozen.

Description: The freezer packs are designed to maintain the temperature for approx. 6-8 hours as low as -5°C. The cells can be cut to size before frozen, and are food & drink safe. The packs are no-leak guaranteed, economical as reusable, and can be used in conjunction with bags, boxes, or crates.


The frozen ice-packs are an ideal addition to your Take-away…. Restaurant…. CaféDesert Shop…or Catering Company…for delivery of chilled or frozen foodSushiDesertsFood PlattersSandwichesIce-creamFrozen MealsSmoothiesIced-teaAfternoon Tea


The Sorba Freeze packs are convenient and easy to use: -

3 simple steps: -

  1. Soak the cells for 10 minutes in freshwater (this process is completed once only) Tip: Use warm water, agitate, and submerge the cells foil side up, to maximise the expansion of the cells. This process only needs to be completed once.
  2. Freeze the hydrated cells (as low as minus 40°C) Tip: Place plastic film or waxed paper between sheets or place them inside a plastic bag.
  3. Add the frozen blocks into your cool bag Tip: For lower and longer temperatures more packs may be needed for maximum effectiveness.

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