*CH6 Foam Cup Holder for 6 cups use to transport hot or cold drinks

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Drinks Cup Holder for transporting and delivering hot or cold beverages holds 6 cups


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Design Features:

  • Foam cup holder for transporting hot or cold drinks
  • Space for transporting 6 cups
  • Lightweight Material – easy to carry or to stack
  • Easily cleaned with a cloth
  • Drinks carrier ideal for delivery drivers
  • Suggested use -  within a T31 delivery bag or T161 delivery bag


The cup holder can be used for delivering coffee, soup, smoothies, ice-cream tubs, iced drinks, hot chocolate or milkshakes


Measurements of unit (approx):

External: 29 cm (L) x 19 cm (W) x 5 cm (H)

Capacity: 6 cups per unit   Cup size: 350 ml to 750 ml 

Compartment size: 65 mm diameter and 38 mm in depth


We have supplied to thousands of coffee shops, ice-cream parlours, take-aways, delivery companies, cafes and delicatessens throughout the UK and Europe


The foam cup holders are lightweight and can be used for hot or cold drinks delivery. One unit holds 6 cups, measuring 350ml to 750ml. Ideal drinks carrier for delivery drivers.

These cup holders are ideal for take-awayscoffee shopstea shops and delivery companies. For deliveries of hot drinks – Coffee, Tea, Soups or Hot Chocolates. Or Sandwich Shops, DelicatessensCafes, ice-cream parlours and Events Companies for deliveries of cold food – milkshakes, smoothies, slush puppies or ice-cream

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