*CH6 Foam Cup Holder for 6 cups use to transport hot or cold drinks

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The Drinks Delivery Cupholder is designed for transporting hot or cold drinks... carrying cups, cans, or bottles from takeaways, restaurants, or cafes to customers doors...to give an idea of size the cupholder holds 6 cups measuring 350 ml to 750 ml… these cup-holders are strong, durable & excellent quality...


The cupholders are lightweight, waterproof, and can be wiped clean. The cup-holder can be used with the following T31 delivery bag or T161 delivery bag


Measurements of unit (approx):

External: 29.5 cm (L) x 19.5 cm (W) x 5 cm (H)

Capacity: 6 cups per unit   Cup size: 350 ml to 750 ml 

Compartment size: 65 mm diameter and 38 mm in depth

Colour: White

Description: The cup-holder for 6 cups is made from foam and can be used for hot or cold drinks transportation due to the fantastic foam insulation.


The drinks holder is an ideal addition to your Take-away…. Restaurant…. Café…or Desert Shop… to transport…CoffeeSoupsBubble TeaSmoothiesMilkshakes or Ice-cream Sundaes



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