*CC8 Home Delivery Insulated Bags for Hot or Cold Food 5 Pack T8/T19/T31

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The Best-selling Food Delivery Bags are available as a combo pack…of five food delivery bags…one extra-large bag, two mid-sized bags, and two smaller bags…transport hot, chilled, or frozen food…ideal for catering companies…or multiple orders…these bags are strong, durable & excellent quality...


The home delivery bags are insulated with foam & strong foil lining and are designed to carry cartons or platters of food from takeaways, restaurants, or catering companies to customers' doors...With this pack, you will receive the following products…


T8 x 1 - Extra Large bag - for delivering bigger quantities or platters

T19 x 2 – Mid-sized bag - great for everyday deliveries

T31 x 2 – Smaller bag – single drop or ideal for smaller orders



Measurements T8 – extra-large bag:

External: 54cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 28cm (H)

Internal: 52cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 27cm (H)

or 20" (L) x 11" (W) x 11" (H)

Holds: GN 1/1 pan


Measurements T19 – mid-sized bag:

External: 33cm (L) x 33cm (W) x 33cm (H)

Internal: 31cm (L) x 31cm (W) x 31cm (H)

 or 12" (L) x 12" (W) x 12" (H)

Holds: 10" Pizza Box


Measurements T31 – smaller bag:

External: 33(L) x 22(W) x 33(H) cm 

Internal: 31(L) x 20(W) x 31(H) cm

or 12" x 8" x 12"   

Holds: 5x Fish & Chip boxes


Description: Insulated Black Food Delivery Bag, with foam & foil insulation and a plastic sleeve on the lid of the bag. Carry it in your hand using the two double-stitched handles, open and close the bag using the chunky zips. Folds compactly for easy storage. T31 & T19 have two external mesh pockets. Maintains temperature for approx. 30 minutes. One bag could be used for hot food while the other could be used for chilled food or drinks.


To see a video of the bag click here


The mix & match best-selling insulated bags are an ideal addition to your Take-away…. Restaurant…. CafeHotel or Catering Events businesses for delivering…hot or chilled foodmultiple deliveriesevents cateringlast mile delivering….dark kitchens

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