Supply issues 2021

Posted by Gus Norman on

Due to a number of factors, we have seen our 2021 cost prices increase by around 35%. We have held our retail prices at the 2020 levels, however with cost prices still rising, we do expect our retail prices to naturally increase because of this. 

As we import all our products from the Far East, we are reliant on shipping our stock to the UK. In 2021, the cost to ship a container from the Far East to the UK is around 500% more than it was in 2020. Many industries are seeing the same cost price increases, so this will impact across the whole of the UK, from bicycles to trampolines. 

If you require stock, then we would suggest over-ordering if you can, as we expect to see further supply issues (selling out of stock) and all new stock will potentially be 25% to 35% more expensive from July 2021 onwards. Once the shipping costs revert to 2020, then we will be able to revert to our lower prices. 

Any questions, please contact us; One of our buyers will be happy to discuss in more detail. 

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