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Logo Insulated Thermal Food Delivery Bags

Many customers ask us about adding a logo to an insulated food delivery bag. It is a popular request and I hope to address some of the options in this blog.

I have been involved in the food delivery bag industry since 2011 and have experience in sourcing a wide range of products for our direct customers and also Just Eat, Deliveroo and Stuart to name a few. As 99.99% of insulated food delivery bags are made in either China or India, it can be tricky to ask a supplier in China or India to make 10 bags with a logo for customers. It comes down to cost and lead times in most cases. 

We would always recommend a black food delivery bag when considering adding a logo, as they tend to look better after use when compared to lighter colours, such as white or orange. Having seen the condition of some of the leading brands delivery bags, we would strongly recommend black delivery bags. There is nothing worse than getting a delivery in a dirty delivery bag with your logo on it. 

Advantages of adding a logo to a food delivery bag

  • Great for advertising your brand
  • It looks professional and can make your brand stick out from the rest
  • Free advertising

Disadvantages of adding a logo to a food delivery bag

  • It can be expensive per unit when ordering smaller quantities
  • After a period of time, delivery bags can become worn or tatty looking, so do you wish to have your logo on a bag which has seen better days? You might need to replace the delivery bag more often, if the logo gets worn.
  • Choice of design and/or size can be limited, as they are harder to find and it can be difficult to add a logo


Can you add a logo to a delivery bag in stock in the UK? If your order is for 1000 or more units, then yes we offer this service. Adding a logo or text under 1000 units is not a service we offer here at Take Eat Away, however if you contact your local printer, they might be able to do this for you. It comes down to cost, as it is expensive for the printer to do this. You would order a bag we have in stock and arrange the logo work yourself locally. 

Why do you not offer this service? We do for orders of 1000+, but we don't for small orders, as it is an expensive and time consuming process for smaller quantities. Once a bag is made and held in our UK warehouse, it is harder, but not impossible to add a logo. We have in the past helped customers with their logo work, however the overall costs for smaller orders puts most customers off.

Does adding a logo impact on the fabric or insulation of the delivery bag? If you use screen printing, then there is no impact on the performance or appearance of the delivery bag (please check with your local printer first). The second option is to add your logo or text via a heat process. This involves heat and does run the risk of distorting the outer fabric and melting the foam insulation. 

I have seen some UK suppliers offering logo work on delivery bags. How is this possible? They will supply you with inferior and flimsy bags. The fabric they use is great for printing your logo or text on the bag, however they are not properly insulated and therefore not designed to keep the contents warm/chilled. They might look good, but the contents will not stay warm/chilled and customers will complain.

Is there a solution? Yes. In 2018 we designed a new food delivery bag, available in 2 sizes. Both bags have a large clear plastic sleeve on the front. This way you can add your own logo, which you can print on paper or card. Just slot the paper logo into the plastic sleeve and your bag is branded. You can change your logo or message, by printing a new design or message. 

Logo or Branding the Delivery Bags...we have a solution – Take Eat Away

I hope this has given you an insight into how you can add a logo to a food delivery bag. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

March 2023 - Gus Norman - Sales Director, Take Eat Away Ltd

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