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Insulated Backpack delivery bags are now back in stcok, as of June 2021. Due to severe supply chain issues and increased costs it has taken much longer than pre covid 19 to receive the insulated backpack delivery bags in the UK. 

The T95 insulated backpack delivery bag is designed by us, Take Eat Away Limited in the UK. The delivery bag is aimed at a variety of uses including promotional work, delivering food and drinks. 

As we have seen our 2021 cost prices increase by around 30% when compared to 2020 prices, so please naturally expect our retail prices to reflect these increases. The reason for the price increase is due to the cost to ship stock in a container from the Far East to the UK. In 2020 it cost us $2500 to ship a container to the UK. In June 2021 it is now $16000 for the same container. 

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions; or you can call us on 01383 665001. 

Here is the link to our backpack web page.....

Backpack Delivery Bags Hot /Cold Food/Drinks Rucksack Bag-Bike/Scooter Deliveries – Take Eat Away

T95 Insulated thermal backpack delivery bag - ideal insulated backpack for festivals, promotions, food & drink deliveries. 

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