Wholesale Insulated Food Delivery Bags for Hot or Cold Deliveries

Due to limited stock...please contact us via e-mail for wholesale quantities and prices

Welcome to Take Eat Away™ Wholesale Delivery Bags.... 

We have introduced a wholesale page to allow our customers who purchase larger quantities of bags to access this directly on our website, this means we can deliver faster to you and maintain our discount prices....


We are able to offer the following delivery bags to you at wholesale prices to purchase direct from us on-line:-

Delivery Bag for 10" pizza box T16

Delivery Bag with mesh pockets for 14" pizza box T17

Delivery Bag with mesh pockets for 10" pizza box T19

Delivery Bag with mesh pockets holds 5 fish & chip boxes T31

Delivery Bag with divider & plastic panel T161

Delivery Bag with plastic panel for 14" pizza box T171

Envelope Pizza Delivery Bag for 15" pizza box Black T12B

Envelope Pizza Delivery Bag for 15" pizza box Red T12R

Envelope Pizza Delivery Bag for 18" pizza box T13

Pizza Delivery Bag for 14" pizza box T61

Delivery Bag with dividers T20

Backpack Delivery Bag fastens to scooter T18

Please click on the links to see full details of the products and the prices


We have supplied thousands of Take-aways, Restaurants, Pizzerias, Delivery Companies or Meals-on-Wheels in the UK, Europe and beyond


As a guideline the applied discounts are as follows if you purchase:-


50 bags has a 25% discount

100 bags has a 28% discount

200 bags has a 30% discount

Larger quantities are available please contact us for a quote and availability.

All prices include free delivery to a single UK mainland address. The delivery bags will be delivered using UPS and we will dispatched within one business day (Monday to Friday) 

All prices include VAT and you will be provided with a full VAT invoice, which if you are VAT registered should be able to claim via your quarterly return.

All the bags are insulated with foam and are foil lined, which means the bag can be used to carry either hot or cold food. The bags are strong, durable and versatile. Each style of bag has it's own merits, full details are available on each product page.

 Bakeries, Delicatessens, Events Companies, Ice-cream parlours or Bespoke Baby Food



Once a bag has been manufactured, it is very difficult to print directly onto the bag, as heat printing melts the insulation. However you can screen print onto the bag, this can be costly. Please note we do not provide a printing service unless you wish to order 1000+ bags.

If you are thinking of ordering 1000+ bags we can have a logo added at the manufacturing point, the minimum order is 1,000 bags and can take a minimum of four months to produced and shipped to the UK.

Full details about the products can be viewed by clicking on the links above. If you have any further questions about the product, please contact us on info@takeeataway.com