Brexit Plans - Take Eat Away

Brexit - Our plans

As the UK is in a transition period with the EU until December 2020, we are able to freely trade as normal within the EU until January 2021. This is clear guidance, however moving forward, it is still to be confirmed. 

On 11/02/2020, Michael Gove announced that once the transition period ends there will probably be border checks when moving goods outside the UK. This is something we as a business have to prepare for. As a business we supply many EU customers and a large part of our business is outside the EU. This will obviously result in increased costs, as we either need to pay someone to complete the paperwork or to invest in a system which allows us to send goods easily to countries outside the UK. However we approach it, there will be costs involved. 

Over the last 3 years, as a business we were advised to plan ahead for Brexit, which has included stock piling goods, exploring the options of moving the all or part of our business to mainland Europe, and more. Having spent significant funds on exploring many options, this will obviously have an impact on the way we do business. We have been able to absorb some of the costs, however there does come a point where we can no longer run a business an not pass on these costs to our customers.