*Food Delivery Seals - Small Tamper Evident Labels for Food & Drink Deliveries Security

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Food delivery seals/labels/stickers are ideal for food safety and security when delivering to your customers...giving your customers peace of mind that their food has not been 'tasted' 


Design Features of label:

  • Added layer of protection and security for deliveries to customers 
  • Easy way to tackle food security & ensuring happy customers
  • Can be applied to various cartons, bags, or boxes
  • Can be used on frozen, chilled (wet) or hot food containers
  • Inexpensive solution to provide food safety
  • Clearly visible if seal is broken as label has two parts
  • Sticker warning food has maybe been tampered with
  • Excellent adhesion to surfaces as they have great 'Stick'
  • Easy label lift design for quick peel of roll
  • Labels size Small will be flat packed and not on a roll


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The Tamper Technologies labels have been designed and manufactured in the UK for us using their 18 years’ experience in security label and tape products 


Label Information (approx):

Measurements: 3.5 cm (W) x 4.5 cm (H)

Quantity: 250 or 500 labels not supplied on a roll

Wording: Sealed for your safety   Logo: knife, fork & plate

Security message: food safety label if voided package opened

Colour: blue & grey   Stock code: TPL-S


Labels can be attached to cardboard cartons, plastic bags, or foil containers...for frozen, chilled, or hot food and drinks delivery


Food Delivery seals are increasingly important when providing a food or drink in the delivery market. They help to increase hygiene and decrease the chance of the food being eaten or tampered with before it gets to your customers.

There are many solutions being offered to the market at the moment, namely paper labels, these are not a tamper evident security solution to protect the restaurants brand. 

Our solution Tamper evident labels which are manufactured with a secure real tamper evident seal – it’s a two-part Permanent sticker, that voids when tampered/opened. The message the labels leaves is 'food safety label if voided package opened' which is clearly visible and your customers will know the food packaging has been opened.

Every label produced has a finger lift section, so they are easy and quick to peel off the backing paper and apply to the packaging saving time and money in efficiency as well as no waste labels getting stuck on themselves as the users peel them off.

The tamper evident labels can be used to seal cartons, crates, polythene bags, or boxes, which are made from cardboard, plastic, paper, or foil. The labels and will also work for frozen, chilled, or hot food containers.

The labels are rectangular and have the wording 'sealed for your safety', with a knife, fork, and plate logo. Please note the labels will not be supplied on a roll they will be flat packed...hence the price.

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