*CC10 Insulated Food & Drinks Delivery Bags with reusable heat pack & security labels T17/T31CH6

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A fantastic bundle of insulated delivery bags and accessories put together by us at Take Eat Away™ for the food and drinks delivery market...two bags...heat pack...labels...cup holder...


Both bags have the following design features:

  • Mesh pockets at both sides - great for carrying bottles or cans
  • Chunky 10mm zip on three sides of bag for easy access to contents (inferior bags have 6 or 8mm zips, which are harder to open/close)
  • Foam insulation and strong foil lining for extra insulation
  • Strong foil lining for durability and easy clean
  • Plastic sleeve located on lid of bag for customer orders/receipts
  • Two, double stitched webbing straps sewn underneath the bag for extra strength


The bags can be used in combination with each other or as standalone products...


Measurements of T17 insulated delivery bag (approx):

Internal: 42cm (L) x 36cm (W) x 34cm (H)

External: 44cm (L) x 38cm (W) x 26cm (H)

or 16" (L) x 14" (W) x 13" (H)

Capacity: 51 litres Weight: 860 grams

Holds: 14" pizza box


Measurements of T31 insulated delivery bag (approx.):

Internal: 31cm (L) x 20cm (W) x 31cm (H)

External: 33cm (L) x 22cm (W) x 33cm (H)

or 12" (L) x 8" (W) x 12" (H)

Capacity: 19 litres Weight: 430 grams

Holds: 5 fish and chip boxes or 6 cups with foam insert


The smaller bag has a removeable foam insert for hot or cold drinks...

Drinks Cup Holder for transporting or delivering hot or cold beverages holds 6 cups. The foam drinks carrier is ideal for deliveries of coffee, soup, smoothies, ice-cream tubs iced drinks hot-chocolate or milkshakes. Used by coffee shops, ice-cream parlours, take-aways, delivery companies, Cafes, Delicatessens delivery drivers.


Measurements of foam insert (approx):

External: 29 cm (L) x 19 cm (W) x 5 cm (H)

Capacity: 6 cups per unit   Cup size: 350 ml to 750 ml 

Compartment size: 65 mm diameter and 38 mm in depth


We know how important it is to maintain the security and quality of your food…included in the bundle are tamper evident labels...

Food delivery labels are ideal as a warning to your customers, ensuring food safety, security & added layer of protection for deliveries. Giving customers peace of mind food has not been 'tasted' Apply stickers to cartons, bags, boxes on frozen chilled or hot containers. The Tamper evident seals are clearly visible if the seal is broken as a 2-part label. Two sizes are provided within the pack 250 of small and 250 of large.


Label Measurements: 

Small: 3.5 cm (W) x 4.5 cm (H)

Large: 4 cm (W) x 7 cm (H)

Wording: Sealed for your safety   

Logo: knife, fork & plate

Security message: food safety label if voided package opened

Colour: blue & grey   Quantity: 250 labels/roll


To maintain the quality of the food you need to maintain the temperature in the bag this why we have included a re-useable heat pack...


Design Features of the heat pack:

  • Can be used as a HOT or a cold pack.
  • Food and drink safe - contains patented FDA Approved Food Grade Polymer.
  • Reusable – therefore economical for the user
  • Space saving – as a flat sheet just add water to hydrate
  • Non- toxic suitable for direct contact with meat and seafood
  • Fully washable - which allows spills of food to wiped off hygienically
  • Commercially used by Australian Government for meals on wheels service, Department of Defence
  • Enhances the thermal temperature of your delivery bag – maintains for an hour (approx.)
  • Easy to use – full instructions will be included with your purchase and can be found on our website.


Measurements after hydrated (per sheet):

  • 34.5cm(L) x 25cm(W) x 2.8cm(H) 
  • 24 cells per sheet   
  • Can be cut to size
  • Weight: 800-900 grams


This combination pack from Take Eat Away™ will provide a mix and match selection of bags and accessories to help you deliver to your customers. The bundle consists of two bags, which form part of the combination package – it is easy – take one large bag and place a smaller bag inside. Also, a foam insert which can be used inside the smaller bag and is designed to hold 6 drinks cups. A re-useable heat pack which can help maintain the temperature in bag and in turn delivery times. Lastly, a set of 500 security labels in two sizes to protect and secure your food when being delivered.

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