*Pizza Delivery Bag- 18" Pizzas Thermal Insulated Envelope Deliveries Bags T13

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These Traditional Insulated Envelope Pizza Delivery Bags have been designed by Take Eat Away™  for 3x18” pizza boxes or 4x16” Pizzas Deliveries


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Design Features of the bag:

  • Envelope Style – easy access of contents
  • Triple Velcro – to securely fasten and un-fasten
  • Twin carry handle which is double stitched – extra strength and durability
  • Side handle – to enable easier delivery of the pizza boxes
  • Foam insulation and plastic lining – to retain heat and easy clean
  • Plastic sleeve – for easy view of customer details
  • Fold-able – for easy storage


The pizza delivery bag can carry pizza boxes measuring 18”x 3 or 16”x 4 ideal for delivery companies or drivers, transporting pizza and pasta for  Italian Restaurant

Pizza Delivery Bag Measurements (approx):

External: 50cm (L) x 50cm (W) x 20cm (H)

Internal: 49cm (L) x 49cm (W) x 19cm (H)

or 19" (L) x 19" (W) x 7.5" (H)

Holds: 3 x 18” pizza boxes or 4 x 16” pizza boxes

Weight: 750 grams   Stock Code: T13

Holds: 18" Pizza Box 

 To see video of bag click here

These bags are fantastic for all sorts of food deliveries 'think outside the box' – afternoon teas treats, breakfasts in boxes, munch boxes or pizza


These Traditional Envelope Pizza Bags have been designed by us, for the UK and  European Pizzeria Deliveries Market. The traditional envelope style bag is secured with triple Velcro which allows easy access to the boxes, allowing deliveries to be fast and efficient.

The bag has been designed to accommodate 3 pizza boxes, measuring 18 inches or 4 pizza boxes measuring 16 inches.

The bags can be carried using the double carry handle, the webbing handles are 1.5” and are double stitched underneath the bag, which adds strength, stability and durability. A Velcro and nylon grab handle allows added comfort when carrying.

To assist access to the contents a side handle has been added to one side of the bag to enable the delivery person to hold when unfolding the envelope style pizza bag,

Each bag has a plastic sleeve on the top of bag, this is ideal as the customers delivery address and details can viewed easily.

The bags are insulated with foam and have a strong plastic inner fabric which can be easily wiped clean. You can fold the bags away when they are not in use.

These bags are fantastic for food delivery companies 'think outside the box' – and deliver your afternoon tea treatsbreakfasts in boxesmunch boxes or pizza