Cambro Top Loading Camcarriers to transport GN pans for Hot or Cold Food UPC160

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Cambro CamCarriers Ultra Pan Boxes

Insulated Top Loading Carriers to transport Gastronom (GN) food pans are constructed of seamless polyethene/polypropylene in one seamless piece. The box is airtight and has sturdy plastic latches.

The box can be used to store, transport or deliver hot or cold food in either GN 1/1 pans or your own delivery boxes/packaging. 

When tested by Cambro, they performed as follows:

With Warm food

Starting temperature 87c. After 4 hours this dropped to 79c

With chilled food

Starting temperature 1c. After 4 hours this increased to 2.5c

So ideal for either warm or chilled food.

These are designed for everyday use and will last for years, they are sturdy and durable. Yet they have a contemporary appearance and a superior holding temperature time.

Built in seal (measuring15mm) and thick foam insulation to maintain and retain temperature.

Wide nylon latches and removeable lid to aid access to the contents.

Moulded handles on all four sides of the box allow easy carrying and handling.

The boxes are designed to be interlocked with each other in a stack for ease of transporting or storing.

GN pans can be easily removed due to the finger notches on the sides of the boxes.

As the box is seamless and in one piece the box is easily cleaned.

Box Measurements:

External: 63cm (L) x 44cm (W) x 26cm (H)

Internal: 49cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 15cm (H)

Capacity:  22 litres Weight: 8.1kg

Holds GN1/1 pan 15 cm deep x 1

Colour: Black

Please note: GN pans over 82 degrees celcius should not be placed directly onto the base of the box as this may melt the box, a shelf tray should be used.

UPC160110 Black Ultra pan carrier