Cambro Camwarmer Hot Plate for use with Cambro delivery boxes HP3253R


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Cambro Camwarmers® are warming plates designed to extend the hot holding time of food in delivery boxes.

They are an easy to use, warm temperature maintenance tool that offers a safe and cost-effective way to pre-heat food boxes, warm and place in your box.

To heat simply place the block flat into a hot water for 40 minutes,(use a sink, basin or Cambro box) dry and place in your delivery box.

Use to pre-heat your EPP box before you set out on your delivery, and this will maximize your food holding time and the length of time you can be out on delivery. 

Cost effective as re-useable time and time again.

Very hygienic as Camwarmers are dishwasher safe. Or can be washed with warm soapy water, rinse, and air dry. Store flat in dry storage.

The Camchiller hot pack:

  • Measures: 53 cm (l) x 32.5 cm (w) x 3 cm (h)
  • Weight 3.9 kg     Colour: red

Compatible with the following Cambro delivery boxes:

  • EPP160
  • EPP180
  • EPP4060T200
  • EPP4060T300
  • EPP300
  • EPP400

Please note: price is for one Camwarmers® and does not include box or trolley, please see full range at

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