Heat pack and Cold pack Information

Re-useable freezer blocks to help maintain the temperature of food delivery bags


There are many benefits to using the freezer blocks:

  • Enables temperatures within your cool bag to be maintained for approximately 6-8 hours (using 2-3 blocks)
  • Can maintain temperatures as low as -5°C for up to 48 hours (to maintain these temperatures more packs need to be used)
  • No leak guarantee to ensure your contents of the cool bag remain in pristine condition
  • Re-useable therefore more economical
  • Complies with European Food Safety Agency Standards
  • Ultra-compact packaging to minimise storage requirements prior to usage
  • 100% food safe
  • Trusted for over 27 years in chilled packaging market



We can offer these blocks/sheets on their own or to use in conjunction with our bags


Measurements of the block: -

26.8 cm (L) x 10 cm (W) x 5cm (H)

Weight: 400 grams

Please note: the measurements are when the block has been hydrated


This product has been developed by the Scottish Fishing Industry and has been trusted for 27 years


The packs are convenient and easy to use: -

3 simple steps: -

  1. Soak the blocks for 10 minutes in fresh water (this process is completed once only)

Tip: Use warm water, agitate and submerge blocks foil side up to maximise expansion of cells/blocks.

  1. Freeze the hydrated blocks (as low as minus 40°C) Tip: Place plastic film or waxed paper between sheets or blocks or place inside a plastic bag.
  2. Add the frozen blocks into your cool bag Tip: For lower and longer temperatures more packs may be needed for maximum effectiveness

Re-useable heated packs to help maintain the temperature of food delivery bags


1 sheet Pack

Design Features of Techniice:

  • Can be used as a HOT or a cold pack.
  • Food and drink safe - contains patented FDA Approved Food Grade Polymer.
  • Reusable – therefore economical for the user
  • Space saving – as a flat sheet just add water to hydrate
  • Non- toxic suitable for direct contact with meat and seafood
  • Fully washable - which allows spills of food to wiped off hygienically
  • Commercially used by Australian Government for meals on wheels service, Department of Defence and Coles online.
  • Enhances the thermal temperature of your delivery bag – maintains for an hour (approx.)
  • Each Techniice HDR Dry Ice Sheet comprises of 24 four ply cells (i.e. 2 inner textile sheets which contain the refrigerant polymer and 2 other high-density plastic sheets) and can used to Cool or Heat.
  • Easy to use – full instructions will be included with your purchase and can be found on our website.


We can offer these sheets on their own or to use in conjunction with our bags


How it works as a heat pack:

  • The flat sheet is immersed in warm water, which activates the 24 polymer cells. To increase activation - agitate the cells. (this process is completed once only)
  • Dry the hydrated sheet in a towel, do not squeeze or the gel will ooze out
  • The hydrated sheet is placed in a microwave for approx. 1-2 minutes. Please be carefully when removing from the microwave as the sheets will be hot
  • The heat pack is placed in the delivery bag and your customers order is placed in the bag. The sheets can be placed between food containers or at the base of the bag


This product has been developed in Australia and we believe we are the only seller in the UK


Measurements after hydrated (per sheet):

  • 34.5cm(L) x 25cm(W) x 2.8cm(H) 
  • 24 cells per sheet   
  • Can be cut to size
  • Weight: 800-900g  

Tests with bags:

We tested three of our bags and found after we heated the packs and placed them in the bags it took approximately 10 minutes to reach the maximum temperature.

This maximum temperature varied depending on size of the bag – approx. 40 degree Celsius – which was 20 degrees higher than starting temperature, without heat pack.

The temperature dropped by 1 degree Celsius approx. every 5 minutes – so the internal temperature remained above 30 degrees Celsius for an hour.

Please note – condensation did occur when the bag was zipped for an hour, however if opening and closing the bag to deliver products this would allow air circulation.

Full Instructions will be included with your sheets. Techniice instructions, specifications and materials data can be viewed on Techniice page.

Feed Back from customer when using as freezer pack: -

Just used for plane journey to NZ via Beijing and stayed cold whole time!

Techniice - heat packs, 1 sheet (24 cells/sheet) supplied with the bag