European Stock held with Amazon Germany

Take Eat Away Delivery Bags are now available to be purchased in Europe via Amazon. The insulated Delivery Bags can be used for hot or cold food deliveries, full descriptions are given for each product. Below is a list of the stock currently held in Germany, please note the quantity of products will change and there maybe delivery costs for your product. If you have any further questions please contact us via


Insulated Food Delivery Bag 25 Litre T16

Food Insulated Delivery Bag with mesh pockets 30 Litre T19

Extra Large Food Delivery Bag 39 Litre T8

Thermal Insulated Food Delivery Bag 44 Litre T7

Insulated Food Delivery Bag with mesh pockets 51 Litre T17

Food Delivery Bag with plastic sleeve for branding/logo 51 Litre T171

XXL Insulated Food Delivery Bag 81 Litre T81

Thermal Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag for 15" pizza box T12

Backpack Insulated Food Delivery Bag for bike/scooter T95

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