*T16H Food Delivery Bags with re-useable heat pad-25 litres

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These Delivery Bags have been designed with a re-useable heat pack to maintain temperatures in the bag and extend delivery times... 


Design Features of the heat pad:

  • Food and drink safe- contains patented FDA Approved Food Grade Polymer.
  • Reusable – therefore economical
  • Space saving – as a flat sheet just add water to hydrate
  • Non- toxic suitable for direct contact with meat and seafood
  • Fully washable - which allows spills of food to wiped off hygienically
  • Commercially used by Australian Government for meals on wheels service, Department of Defence and Coles online
  • Enhances the thermal temperature of your delivery bag – maintains for an hour (approx.)


How the heat pack works:

  • The flat sheet is immersed in warm water, which activates the 24 polymer cells (once only)
  • The hydrated sheet is placed in a microwave for approx. 1-2 minutes
  • The heat pack is placed in the delivery bag


We are excited to introduce this product to work side alongside our Delivery Bags. This product has been developed in Australia and we believe we are the only seller in the UK


Design Features:

  • Strong and durable as designed for everyday use
  • Insulated with a foil lining to maintain temperature
  • Concealed chunky double zip closure, on 3 sides of the bag for easy access to contents and enclosed zip when not in use
  • Plastic sleeve on lid for customer order details, which is visible when carrying
  • Two webbing handles which are secured underneath the bag for durability


Bag Measurements:

External: 33cm (L) x 31cm (W) x 28cm (H)

Internal: 32cm (L) x 29cm (W) x 27cm (H)

or 12.5" (L) x 11.5" (W) x 10.5" (H)

Capacity: 25 litres Weight: 515 grams

Stock Code: T16H


We have supplied to thousands of take-aways, catering companies, restaurants, delivery companies and meals-on-wheels services.


Tests with bags:

The packs were heated in the microwave and then placed in the delivery bag, to reach the maximum temperature took approximately 10 minutes.

This maximum temperature varied depending on size of the bag – approx. 40 degree Celsius – which was 20 degrees higher than starting temperature, without heat pack.

The temperature dropped by 1 degree Celsius approx. every 5 minutes – so the internal temperature remained above 30 degrees Celsius for an hour.

Please note – condensation did occur when the bag was zipped for an hour, however if opening and closing the bag to deliver products this would allow air circulation.

The bag is strong and durable bag and can be used on a daily basis, no pockets or clips – keeping it simple.

The bag has been designed to accommodate containers of all shapes, sizes and designs. As a guideline the bag holds a 10” pizza box.

The bags can be carried using the double carry handle, the webbing handles are 1.5” and are double stitched underneath the bag, which adds strength, stability and durability. A Velcro and nylon grab handle allows added comfort when carrying

The bag is accessed via two chunky enclosed zips. The zips are on three sides of the bag therefore the contents can be accessed quickly and easily.  Yet, when the bag is zipped closed the zips are concealed, this is especially useful, if the bag is being used in conjunction with another bag or box.

There is a large plastic sleeve to accommodate till receipts or customer orders and is visible when carrying. Yet, the bag still has a clean and simple design.

The bags are thermally insulated with foam and has a foil lining, which maintains the temperature and is easily wiped clean. You can fold the bags away when they are not in use.

We have supplied to thousands of take-aways, catering companies, restaurants, delivery companies and meals-on-wheels services. For deliveries of hot food - Chinese, Indian, Kebabs, Pizzas, Munch Boxes, Burgers or Fish and Chips. Or Sandwich Shops, Deli's and Events Companies for deliveries of cold food - sandwiches, wraps, salads, sushi or deserts.


Techniice HDR Reusable Dry Ice/Hot Packs: 

Each Techniice HDR Dry Ice Sheet comprises of 24 four ply cells (i.e. 2 inner textile sheets which contain the refrigerant polymer and 2 other high-density plastic sheets) and can used to Cool or Heat. They are easy to use – full instructions will be included with your purchase and can be found on our website.